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Digital Marketing: 5 Things Everyone Needs To Know

Digital Marketing: 5 Things Everyone Needs to Know is an elearning course that explores digital marketing strategies for mobile devices. According to Google, in 2016, more searches were conducted on mobile devices than desktop computers. There's no avoiding the digital movement. It's everywhere, with everyone, including your customer. If you have a business, optimizing your website for mobile is a must if you want to maximize revenue.


Business Model Innovation For Brand Growth

This course will look at digital transformation and how businesses can take advantage of ecommerce business models to improve profitability. This course will cover: which business models perform best in a connected world? How do digital, platform based business models work and what are the requirements to execute them effectively? And how can we re-structure our organization to grab opportunities faster? This is an advanced course for experienced business managers.


Analyze Your Operations Model to Improve Efficiency

This course will present a model to help you understand your operations. Each step in an operational process is either “value-adding” or “non-value-adding.” In other words, does it add value for the customer, does it reduce mistakes, or does it cut down on waste? In this course, you'll learn about operational models and breakdown process chains into smaller units of input and output. By the end of this course, you'll be able to explain an operational model and use a set of customer and supplier questions to better manage internal and external relationships within your operational processes.


Boost With Facebook Course

November 15th, 2021

Set yourself up for success by learning how to market your business on social media. Get started with the basics, like telling your business story, understanding target audiences, setting goals and planning social media content on Facebook and Instagram.

Presented by Facebook

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Adobe Licenses for Grant Awardees

September 1st, 2021

PayPal and AEO are thrilled to announce a collaboration with Adobe to provide PayPal Empowerment Grant Awardees with complimentary access to Adobe Creative Cloud and Acrobat Pro apps and services, this combination includes more than 20 creative apps.

PayPal, AEO, and Adobe look forward to supporting your business and seeing how these industry-leading creativity and document apps help power your creativity and business continuity as we all climb out of this difficult time!

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GoDaddy Online Courses

March 20th, 2021

This 10 class program equips entrepreneurs in underserved communities with training, tools and peer networks to accelerate their journeys. Choose from lessons in branding, website design, SEO, e-commerce, email and social media marketing and web security.

Presented by GoDaddy.

Join us and take for the first class on branding.


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AEO and PayPal have partnered with Deloitte, Facebook, Guidehouse, Mastercard, Qualtrics and GoDaddy to offer all awardees capacity-building programming that features business education webinars, coaching and network building opportunities designed to give business owners the tools they need to not only sustain, but grow their business.